My Story With Using Face Wax Strips On My Sensitive Skin

By Mary Hutchinson

 Face Wax StripsI have had sensitive skin for as long as I can remember.  Even since I was young I had to be incredibly careful with what products I use on my face, and part of that is when it comes to removing facial hair.  I hate how my facial hair makes me look, so I would spend many painful hours plucking each individual hair.

It was a terrible experience that was painful and took ages.  And then just a few weeks later I would have to do the same thing again.  I thought this was the only way to remove excess facial hair because my sensitive skin limited my options.  But I didn’t know that face wax could be the best option for me as long as I chose the right facial wax strips for sensitive skin.

After doing some research online for different face waxes and asking a few friends I came up with a list of different products that all claimed they were the best face wax on the market, but how would I know which one would work with my sensitive skin?  Well I hand-tested each product that I found in order to come up with this list of which face wax to use if you have sensitive skin.

1. Tiffara Beauty Non-Woven Body and Facial Wax Pieces – Editor’s Choice

If you’re looking for lots of polish whitening strips for a great cost, after that you’ve discovered them right here. You’ll look for a pack of 250 polish pieces when you

purchase the Tiffara Beauty facial and body wax pieces.

Large Enough To Use On Legs and Arms

The pieces are large more than enough to make use of on areas of your body with a great deal of locks like the hip and legs and hands. You can also decide to trim them down in size and make use of them for sensitive areas like the face and sting bikini collection. They are durable and are designed to become reused in a session . You only obtain polish whitening strips, and the polish is normally not really included with the buy.

2. Fantasea nonwoven Body and Cosmetic Polish Whitening strips – Superior Pick out

This comes in a pack with 100 wax pieces, 50 large and 50 small. The pieces are great as they are solid and of good quality. You can use the large strips for the rest of your body while the small ones can be used for the facial region.

Just Cloth Strips, Wax Can be Not really Included

These are simply towel pieces, and polish is not really included. Don’t allow that obtain you down as they are low-priced and great value for money. You can use a wax warmer with them. You should only use each strip once. They are not meant to be reused.

3. Huini Non-Woven Cosmetic and Body Polish – Spending budget Purchase

All these products are great, but there can only become one champion and that for us needs to be theTiffara Beauty nonwoven Body and Face Polish Pieces. They hit a great stability between amount and quality.

The cost is usually also great for what you get. What stands out is usually that they can be reused , so you get more value for money when compared to the other products.

The Huini Non-woven cosmetic and body polish is definitely a close second as you obtain incredibly a great deal of polish whitening strips for the cost you pay out.

The Fantasea nonwoven cosmetic and body connectors close this list for us. Mainly books get fewer strips and that they can’t be reused.

Props to the company though, at least they divided the strips into smaller and bigger sizes. Something the other companies on this list didn’t do.

Top Facial Polish Whitening strips Evaluation Graph

Rank:Model:Our Outcome:Cost:Our Ranking:Measurements:Pounds:Features and also Features:Bundle:
#1Tiffara Beauty nonwoven Body and Facial Wax Strips Best Overall (Our Pick and choose) $$9/103×9″4.8 ouncesIdeal For Waxing All Areas Of The Body, Made For All Soft Hair Removal Waxes, Hair Removal Waxing Strips, Epilating StripsFacial Wax Strips 100, 250 Count number Non-Woven Wax Strips
#2Fantasea Non-Woven Body and Facial Wax Strips Premium $$$8/103×1.5×11.5″3.2 ouncesSmall Steps: 1-1/2 inch W times 4-7/8 inch T, Large Steps: 3 inch W times 9 inch M50 Good sized and 50 Little Whitening strips Per Handbag
#3Huini nonwoven Face and Body Polish Spending budget $8/108×5.5×1.5″3.2 oz .Make use of In The Waxing Procedure, Sanitary and ExtraPack Of 160 Computers
#4nonwoven Locks Removal Waxing Whitening strips$$8/109x3x3″3.2 oz .Excellent Quality Waxing Whitening strips, Dense and Long lasting – Will NOT Rip, Produced For All Soft Locks Removal Waxes100 Count number nonwoven Polish Whitening strips
#5Huini 100 Back yards Locks Removal Depilator$$8/1010x3x10″13.6 ouncesMake use of In The Waxing Procedure, Sanitary and Throw away, Must Have For Your Salon Or At HomeRoll of 100 Yards

Why Should You Use Facial Wax Pieces?

You can use Facial Wax Pieces as an alternate to additional methods of curly hair removal. Face Polish Whitening strips give a highly effective method of locks removal that gets rid of all the locks on the waxed region. When in comparison to shaving, waxing is normally mls ahead.

When compared to epilating, waxing can become cheaper and easier to do by yourself at home. In truth, going through an appropriate waxing routine will leave your curly hair smoother and finer. Your curly hair will grow back looking better, and you’ll become thankful for it.

How Can You Find An Efficient Facial Wax Strip?

You need the wax strip to become well worth it. One swipe and you’re carried out with a spot. There are some few things that you need to consider when looking for an efficient facial wax strip. You should have a look at the wax formula . Keep in mind that there are wax types and each one will work differently depending on the user.

Hot Wax Tends To Function Greatest For Curly hair Removal

It’s effective and quick. Simply check issues out yourself and discover what functions. Also maintain an attention on the elements, important essential oil and perfumes are a no-go area if you possess delicate pores and skin.

You can also possess an appear at the remove sizes as some producers will give you different sizes to target specific areas of the skin.

3 Reasons For Using Facial Wax Strips

1. It’s Economical

Facial wax strips make hair removal easy for you. You don’t need a professional to do it. You can do it at the comfort of your very own house. They are also not really extremely costly .

2. The Locks Expands Back again Smoother

Unlike shaving where the locks comes back again harder. Waxing uproots the locks base, hence enabling the locks to arrive back again smoother. Smoother locks is very much better searching for a woman.

3. The Technique Is certainly Precise

Waxing is certainly specific when compared to other methods of facial hair removal. You’re guaranteed that your hair is certainly being removed evenly . Other methods such as shaving and epilating might not really remove the locks equally. Bleaching should not really also end up being regarded as it’s not really great for you.

How To Make use of Polish Whitening strips To Obtain All The Locks Out

There are some few factors you want to perform before using polish whitening strips.

Exfoliation Is certainly A Must

Generally exfoliate your epidermis and don’t ignore to get a good wax kit while you’re at it. After this you should try to use baby natural powder on the region, you’re about to polish. This will absorb the left-over wetness.

Wetness Can Interfere With The Working Of The Polish

Wetness can be a poor matter as it can get in the way with the working of the polish. Check the polish before putting it on your epidermis. You don’t need it to become too sizzling as it can burn your pores and skin. Place the strip on the area you’re about to wax.

Once you do this, pull the strip out in one quick move in the reverse direction of curly hair growth. Once you’re carried out waxing, moisturize to help your pores and skin heal.

Is definitely Waxing Appropriate For Everyone?

Waxing Is definitely A Curly hair Removal Method That Functions On Everyone

Also those with delicate epidermis can have waxing carried out on them. We do recommend to seek professional suggestions if you have any qualms about this curly hair removal technique. With that said, there are some situations in which waxing won’t become as effective as it should become.

When your curly hair is definitely too long, waxing won’t remove the hair very well. Your curly hair should become at maximum a half in . for this curly hair removal technique to be effective. On that notice, if your locks is normally as well brief, waxing won’t function as well either. Your locks should end up being at minimal 0.6cmeters or an one fourth of an inches.

You should also maintain hydrated for an effective waxing place. Dehydration causes the skin pores to close securely around the curly hair, therefore breaking off rather than becoming drawn from the basic. The even more hydrated you are, the better the outcomes.

Can be There Any Age group Limit For Waxing?

It depends upon the kind of polish becoming completed. We haven’t observed any legal precedent on age group consent for waxing. It’s normally a moral issue that many professionals in the waxing industry face. The Brazilian wax or bikini wax is the most contentious.

Many owners tend to wax children only with parental consent. This is normally for kids aged 13-16. Older than 16 parental consent is not required. Any kid aged 12 and younger normally don’t obtain any type of waxing completed on them at all.

Evaluating Different Types Of Waxes

There are different types of waxes each one with its benefits and downsides.

Cold Wax

Let’s start with cold wax. It involves using a semi-solid form of wax that is pre-applied to strips. This is less painful than the cold wax method, but not as effective.

Hot Wax

Hot wax is usually a bit different. Hot wax is usually first applied to the epidermis. After that a remove is definitely positioned on the polish.

The advantage of this technique is definitely its efficiency. You can discover instant outcomes as locks is totally removed. With that said, you’ll experience pain when using this method, and it requires a high pain threshold to endure.

Warm Wax vs Cold Wax

Let’s begin with chilly wax . Many of the facial polish whitening strips make use of this kind of polish. Cool polish can be normally used (pre-applied) to whitening strips. You utilize it by putting it in the path of locks development, the locks stays to the polish, and you quickly draw it out. It’s normally taken against the path of locks development.

This technique creates much less of a clutter when in comparison to using warm polish. With that stated, this technique is not as effective as it leaves locks behind. You might want to make use of the polish whitening strips on the same place a few even more situations to totally remove all the locks.

On the various other hands, we possess incredibly hot polish which is normally the comprehensive contrary. This type of polish does not necessitate the use of pieces. It’s normally applied while warm, and it’s spread evenly and thinly on the pores and skin.

The wax is certainly remaining to awesome at which point it molds and holds at every curly hair strand. After a few moments, it’s drawn out quickly in the reverse direction of curly hair growth. With that said, it’s messier than chilly wax.

Sizzling Wax Is definitely Normally Regarded as More Effective Than Chilly Wax

Sizzling wax is normally normally regarded as more effective than chilly wax as it’s better at eliminating shorter curly hair. On top of that, you don’t need to pass over the same spot several times when using hot wax.

Wax vs Sugaring

Sugaring Uses a Paste/Gel Made Of Natural Ingredients

Sugaring is a technique that uses a paste or gel made of natural ingredients like lemon juice, water, salt, honey, and sugar. Some essential natural oils might also become utilized in the mixture. It’s a bit different from waxing.

The gel is definitely removed in the same direction as hair growth ; thus, it hurts less. Many people prefer sugaring because of its use of natural ingredients. With that stated, the important natural oils might still irritate many people with delicate pores and skin.

People with particular allergic reactions might possess an issue with the elements in sugaring as well. Waxing can be extremely common these times. Many many people choose it as a curly hair removal technique because it’s effective and gets the work completed. It uses polish to remove curly hair, and it will keep curly hair development at bay for quite some time.

Waxable Body Parts

There Is certainly No Body Component That Can’t End up being Waxed

From our knowledge, there is certainly no body component that can’t end up being waxed, and we mean that. You can polish the hands and hip and legs , and the eyebrows can also obtain waxed. You can possess waxing completed on the swimwear range or the higher lips . Many of your body can obtain waxed.

Waxing Secret Areas Of Your Body

Some parts of your body are delicate to waxing. You want to end up being cautious when dealing with such areas. Your Face and the Swimsuit line are quite sensitive. Take it easy if you’re trying to wax these areas. Precaution should be taken to avoid irritation .

How To Prepare For Waxing

There are some few points that you can do to prepare yourself for waxing.

First of all, keep your hair at the appropriate lengths . If it’s too long, cut it down, if it is usually too short, allow it develop out a little bit.

You should also maintain yourself hydrated . Avoid alcoholic beverages the day before and the day of the waxing session. You should even drink a lot of water before the waxing session.

Also, drink water after the waxing session. Hydrated skin makes waxing so much easier.

Waxing For The First Time

There are some few stuff you need to understand when waxing for the initial period.

For example, maintain yourself hydrated it makes the procedure simpler. On best of that, you want to recognize that you’re heading to knowledge discomfort during the waxing procedure.

This is normally regular in reality you might knowledge some kind of discomfort after the waxing program. Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing at all a great moisturizer or chilling bag can’t solve.

How Painful Is definitely Waxing?

There is definitely no certain solution to this query as it changes depending on an individual. Some persons encounter actually quite a lot of pain when waxing while others find it calming compared to the additional methods of curly hair removal.

One factor everyone seems to agree on is definitely that waxing the sensitive areas like the face is normally painful. All in all, waxing is definitely effective and is definitely a great curly hair removal method.

How To Simplicity The Waxing Pain

There are some items that you can do to convenience the discomfort from waxing. For example, you could make use of a relaxing cream after your waxing program to help relieve the discomfort. If you experience like you don’t possess a high discomfort tolerance, after that begin little.

This will obtain you even more utilized to the discomfort. You could also consider over the reverse discomfort medicine 30 a few minutes before a polish program to help with the discomfort. For those waxing at home, try distracting yourself while you are in session.

How To Wax Safely

To wax securely, you need to take a few precautions. First make sure, that you use the right kit and that your kit has everything you need. You also need to ensure that the appropriate technique is utilized when waxing your curly hair.

Polish in the opposing path of curly hair development. Don’t simply draw the remove up-wards as this might trigger ingrown hair as well as bruising. You shouldn’t polish the same region even more than once. Actually with some hair remaining in the region, simply don’t perform it. Performing this might cause bruising, burns and irritations.


Facial Wax strips are great. They are more precise when compared to shaving and epilating . They are also easier to use. It is a hair removal method that you can use in the comfort of your own home. Also, the strips tend to be cheaper when compared to the facial epilators.